Do you really think your traditional preventive control measures can protect you from breaches and exploits?

Cydea Deception Platform

Cydea Deception Platform

Cydea Deception Platform (CDP) is a single platform with integrated modules capable of deploying and monitoring decoys, identifying breaches and capturing complete forensic data of an advanced threat actor’s TTPs.

By deceiving attackers, CDP allows your security analysts to detect active threats instantly, as opposed to monitoring/analyzing millions of events/logs attacks being collected in a SIEM platform and separating legitimate events from malicious events.

CDP generates threat intelligence that is organization-specific and actionable.
CDP recognizes all the compromised systems and users efficiently and quickly.

Key Benefits

Cydea Deception Platform responses within no time for forensic data to investigate security incidents.
CDP diverts the attacker toward the decoys and pushes it away from the real production environment of the company.
Cydea Deception Platform enables you to stay ahead of the evolving & dynamic threat actors.

Instantly Discover Compromised Points

Deceive The Attacker

Stay One Step Ahead

Organization Specific & Actionable

Fast Response